Ownership Experience

Ownership Experience

Ask any racehorse owner what the greatest feeling in the world is and whether they’re a Sheikh with three blue-blooded chances in the Golden Slipper, or the farmer from Yass with the ‘roughie’ in the first at Goulburn, the answer will be the same…seeing your horse cross the finish line in first position.

As an experienced racehorse owner will already know, that ‘winning feeling’ is hard to replicate. It’s what Triple Crown strives for, however as with all things wonderful, it doesn’t come easy and that’s why they have a well tested formula for success supported by proven systems to ensure that the journey to the races is just as exciting as those final few seconds over the finish line.

The success of syndications throughout Australia and the world has ensured that you don’t have to be a King to enjoy his namesake sport. As a shareholder in a Triple Crown racehorse you can enjoy all the perks of owning one outright at a fraction of the cost, but with all the thrills.

From the day you select your horse you will enjoy consistent updates throughout the various educational stages of its life. From the breaking in process at Muskoka Farm after its acquisition at auction, throughout its time in the paddock for a growth spurt and its first time at the stable to learn what life in a racing stable is all about.

As a Triple Crown owner you’re encouraged to take trips to the farm to watch your horse at rest and see how it has benefited from time in the paddock. You’re encouraged to stop into the stable and see the physical changes and development it has made throughout its training – you’re also encouraged to attend the special track work sessions organised, exclusively for Triple Crown owners, to see your race horse be put through its paces first-hand.

We know that being well informed on your horse’s progress and plans is crucial to your experience. That is why we have implemented technological systems designed to keep you completely up-to-date. Regular emails, progress pictures, newsletters, audio files, videos, phone calls and text messages are our primary forms of contact. In fact, you will receive weekly updates as the bare minimum. You will also receive exclusive benefits reserved for Triple Crown / Snowden Racing owners e.g. weekly runners sheet including pre-race thoughts, tips, gifts and behind the scenes experiences etc.

On race day you can expect a ticket into the Members’ Area along with an Owners’ Pass to get ‘up close and personal’ with your horse, trainer and jockey in the mounting yard* to hear the inside word from your trainer and jockey. Following the race you’re welcomed into the track’s designated Owners Room to discuss the race and enjoy a glass of champagne with the team and your co-owners.

With consistent communication and an ‘open door’ mentality, our aim is to never have you left wondering what progress your four legged athlete has made recently, how it has performed at track work or the latest tip from the mounting yard come race day.

Lead in your own Group 1 winner

Lead in your own Group 1 winner at Royal Randwick