A Magical Journey

A couple of Triple Crown Syndications’ owners recently put pen to paper to provide the team with some valuable feedback on their racing experiences. We always love hearing about our owner’s racing journeys and are so thankful to have such a great group of people to celebrate in the winner’s circle with!

We have included their letters below.

Dear Michael, Chris and Jess,

First of all the cheque arrived safe and sound, thank you very much.

We would like to thank you guys for the wonderful run we had with Rosie (Cavalry Rose).  We don’t think we would have ever been as successful without your expert trained eye re racehorse selection.  Also a big thankyou to Jess for her weekly update, it’s eagerly awaited down here south of the border.  You guys are always at the end of the phone with any queries we may have and we feel that’s very important.  It’s been a great run.

It’s with great anticipation that we await our next journey with our new horse.  We love the name and hope that she does as good as Rosie, which we are sure she will.

Once again, thanks and see ya soon

John and Sandra Deacon


Hi Jess, Michael and Chris,

Exciting times. I must admit I still sneak a look at the replay of the Sires at least once a week!! It ALWAYS brings a smile!

Who would have thought we could have one of the three best two year olds, twice in four years!! I should get you guys to start choosing my Lotto numbers…..

It has been a magical journey to date that Trish and I have thoroughly enjoyed (even with our other pony Snitziola). We can’t wait for the spring to come around.

PJ (Peggy Jean) can then cause all sorts of excitement, and Hot Snitzel will once again show he has a tonne of class by proving all the knockers wrong once again!

And then comes Involving…….