About Us

About Us

“It is consistent performance which delivers a reputation of the being the best in the field that Triple Crown has earned” Chris Roots, Sydney Morning Herald

Best Practice

With the majority of new clients referred by existing owners, it’s obvious that Triple Crown is doing something right.

Since 2010, Triple Crown has recorded significantly more Group race winners than any other Australian syndicator. This success has resulted in yearlings advertised for shorter lengths of time each year. The horses are quickly sold out due to the confidence that clients have in their practices.

In late 2014, Triple Crown Syndications was appointed as the sole and exclusive syndicator for Peter & Paul Snowden. This is a significant vote of confidence from Snowden Racing and sees two leaders in their fields combine to form a very formidable team.

Everything that Triple Crown does is focused on winning the best races and having their owners enjoy the journey to the winners stall.

From the strict and specific selection process at the yearling sales, through to employing the very best industry professionals for all aspects of training, riding and spelling, it is all in place to ensure that your horse has the very best chance on the track.

With clients in every Australian state and abroad (Hong Kong, Dubai, America, New Zealand, UK, China, Singapore and Africa) the Triple Crown client database is growing rapidly.

The Founder

Chris Ward was destined for a career in the racehorse industry from a very young age. The evolution of his passion for all things Thoroughbred is the result of spending his formative years with countless Saturdays at the track and weekends at stud farms assessing breeding and young stock.

After commencing his working career in the finance industry, Chris returned to his Thoroughbred passion. Having identified a gap in the market which needed filling, he founded Triple Crown Bloodstock Pty Ltd (trading as Triple Crown Syndications) in 2004 and moulded it into the successful operation it is today.

In 2023, also formally from the finance industry but with a significant family history in the thoroughbred world, Sam Manion joined Chris as Co-Director of Triple Crown. As well as being frequently seen at the track and at auction sales, as full-time directors of Triple Crown, Chris & Sam are the keystones of the ever-developing business.


The beauty of syndication is the ability to purchase a share as small as 5% in your chosen thoroughbred and still have your name in the racebook. According to the Australian Rules of Racing, a horse can have a maximum of 20 shareholders (incl sub-syndicates). Whether you’re an owner of a 5%, 10%, 50% or 100% share of the horse, you are guaranteed tickets/access to the exclusive members and owners only areas on race day. In addition to the lower purchase price, you will only be paying your percentage of the horse’s bills.

Despite much lower outgoings, however, the thrill of winning a race is as great for a 5% owner as it is a 100% owner!

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