Leading Bloodstock Agents in Australia

Leading Bloodstock Agents in Australia

As well as being the leading force in racehorse syndications, Triple Crown’s directors Chris Ward and Michael Ward devote a lot of time and attention to the company’s bloodstock acquisitions, management and advisory arms.

As bloodstock agents, the brothers take their responsibilities in this field very seriously and treat the acquisition of every thoroughbred racehorse or breeding proposition as an addition to their personal portfolio of bloodstock.

Acting with full disclosure, independence and professionalism, Chris and Michael can help you in all Australian and international bloodstock facets.

  • Horse selection for racetrack and/or breeding success – sourcing the horse that best fits the brief
  • Veterinary examinations – organising thorough veterinary testing including x-rays, wind, gait analysis, physical examinations, breeding suitability, etc
  • Purchasing your chosen horse – we bid on behalf of clients ‘as agent’, or approach the potential seller/seller’s agent direct. We conduct both public auction and private purchases
  • Post-purchase organisation and recommendations – transport, agistment farm, breaker, access to trainers, insurance, stallion service, race career management etc

Buying at Auction for Syndicates or Private Bloodstock

With over 5,000 yearlings sold at auction per year as well as thousands of weanlings, broodmares and tried racehorses also setting foot in the various auction rings of Inglis, Magic Millions and New Zealand Bloodstock, it’s obviously the most popular way to buy and sell. When the experts throw their hands up to bid for their chosen thoroughbred however, it’s not a spur of the moment decision.

It all starts with the research and analysis of the pedigree pages of each horse catalogued in the sale where fast relatives and proven ‘nicks and crosses’ are analysed.

The pedigree work is closely followed by the physical inspection of the short-listed horses at the stud farm to assess their conformation and gait in advance of the sales.

Once again, come sale time, further physical assessments take place in order to see their progress and development since the initial viewing.

Once the short-list is whittled down, the vets are called to assess any potential issues that could prevent them from reaching the best of their abilities.

The combination of Triple Crown’s experience, the above mentioned ‘leg work’ and elimination process plus their network of contacts from the various stud farms, agistment farms, vet clinics and sale yards, gives Triple Crown and their clients the advantage come sales time.

Private Sale Representation

Private purchase is the alternative way to buy bloodstock in Australia. Private sales are more frequent with tried racehorses, stallions, broodmares and foals. Through Triple Crown’s extensive contacts within the Thoroughbred industry worldwide, sourcing the right horse for you at the best price is very achievable.

Our Portfolio Management as Your Bloodstock Agent

As well as completing your portfolio, Triple Crown has decades of experience in the field of Thoroughbred management for both racing and breeding stock. Services include racing management, recommendations on how and when to fine tune or upgrade your stock, breeding advice, marketing and promotion to increase your horse/s value, insurance needs, sale choice, etc.

Stallion Shares

Triple Crown can combine its knowledge, experience and contacts from their bloodstock agency and syndicate arms to assist with the sale and/or purchase of stallion shares.

Stallion Nominations & Pedigree Analysis

Triple Crown can also assist you in pedigree and conformation analysis required for choosing the right stallion for your mare in order to produce the most commercial foal with the best chances of racetrack success. As Bloodstock Agents respected throughout Australia, their advice is truly independent, specialised and designed to cater for your requirements – whether you are breeding on a commercial basis or breeding to race the progeny yourself.