Inspections in full swing at Inglis Classic Sale

The Triple Crown team have been putting in the graft over the past week or so as inspections for the Inglis Classic Sale continued to gather momentum.

A trip to the Hunter Valley at the end of last week saw the sales preparation hit full swing, as Chris and Michael Ward visited the likes of Arrowfield, Newgate, Aquis, Yarraman and Widden Studs and assessed their respective drafts for the Inglis Classic Sale.

The start of this week saw the team head out to Inglis’ Riverside Stables complex, where the Classic Sale is held, to look at the drafts they were unable to see in the Hunter Valley.

Sure they are long days and require the utmost concentration throughout, but the Triple Crown team firmly believe that the hard work has to be done in order to achieve the best results possible on the track.

Inspections are now 99% complete and the team are looking forward to securing some new recruits at the Sale, which runs from Sunday 9th February to Tuesday 11th February.

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