The Farm

Triple Crown Bloodstock Musoka Farm

The Farm

Muskoka Farm is the ‘home away from home’ for all Triple Crown racehorses. It is where each yearling starts their education process and where each racehorse spells and subsequently commences pre-race training. Arguably, there is not a more idyllic, better-equipped or expertly run operation in the country. Being only 1 hour 45 minutes away from Sydney is the icing on the cake, especially as Triple Crown owners are always welcome to visit by appointment.

Breaking In

Following yearling preparation, the breaking in process is the next big training step for young racehorses. Under the supervision of Australia’s premier breaker Toby Pracy, Triple Crown horses learn to carry the weight of a rider, respond to the rider’s aids, be manageable on the ground and gain an understanding of the barrier procedures, thus laying the essential foundations of a racehorse.


Due to the high intensity, high pressure nature of racing and a naturally nervous constitution, racehorses need regular ‘rest and recreation’. Depending on their age and soundness, racehorses will generally need a 4-6 week break after a race preparation in order to gain weight, rest tired legs and just generally relax and be a horse. Muskoka Farm is surrounded by national parks and bushland which is not only picturesque, but brings horses back to a more natural way of life during their time in the paddock.


Prior to rejoining the training stable, the horses commence some slow and steady conditioning work at Muskoka Farm under their well-trained riders. They utilise Muskoka’s 5 star facilities which include numerous working tracks with different surfaces, treadmills and lap pools. Triple Crown’s clients can rest easy knowing their horses will be returning to the racing stable in optimum condition.


  • 2400m crusher dust track
  • 800m straight and a 2000m grass track for pace work
  • Lap pool
  • 16 horse walker
  • Trail riding on the 2km dressed mountain track
  • High speed treadmill
  • A comprehensive starting barrier education program for young horses which includes a Monty Roberts designed barrier hallway
  • 280 acre property
  • 5 stable barns consisting of 58 stables
  • 63 individually fenced spelling yards
  • 27 day yards for horses in work
  • 10 large fully fenced paddocks for horses to run free
  • Export quarantine facility

Horses broken in, spelled and pre-trained at Muskoka Farm have amassed in excess of 800 race wins and 75 stakes wins of which 21 were at Group 1 level. The latest addition to their ‘Hall of Fame’ is Muskoka regular Mossfun, winner of the 2014 Golden Slipper.